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Remain Calm, LOL!

I decided to explain my issues on gardening this year, after I have calmed down, kind of sort of. Now the person I will be talking about, I won’t use his real name, I will just call him “Carpet”. Now¬†Carpet joined FOBC a while back and claimed to be a “Permaculturist”. I have no issues […]

Clean your root and tubers

A few years ago I got potatoes from a company (NOT Baker Creek) and did not clean them. Soon I had an extensive Colorado Potato beetle explosion. I quickly dispatched these little creeps and watched my potatoes all summer long. I was lucky as they will also eat a variety of other garden related plants […]

Baker Creek DID IT AGAIN!

There is a reason why Shari and I over order. One, to make sure we have enough for our garden. Two, so we can grow a billion varieties. Three, some friends have difficulty getting seeds. This was true today as a friend dropped by. He hasn’t started gardening this year as he had an accident […]

Mexican Sour Gherkin.

These Cucamelon (Mexican Sour Gherkin) are great. They love warmth and water. We have grown these every year for their abundance and slightly tart taste. You can get them from Baker creek Heirloom Seeds. The first year we trellised them up the front porch. We would grab a handful every time we left and came […]

Gourds, why?

Gourds are a thing we like to do every year. Why? I don’t know. Do we eat them? Nope! Do we use them for something? nope, nope, nope. We do, however, know people will snatch them up as soon as they are ready. Most people do projects with ¬†them after they dry out. We might […]

Plant Starting

A good question came up on when to start plants and put seeds in. Always check the “Days to Maturity”. This is an average on when to expect fruit. I have had 90 day plants mature in 70 days to 100 days. Also check your average ground temps! 55 degrees is a nice ground temp […]

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