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So You Want A Garden Part 1

Gardening can be fun and rewarding. It can also be a pain if you’re not careful. Here is what I have learned. Space. There are 2 ways to look at space. How much space you will need and how much space you actually have. How do you figure this out? Easy! Find a website that […]

Shari Clause

(Santa claus is coming to town) ♫You better watch out, you better not cry Better not pout, Better run and hide Shari’s Menopause is comin’ to town She’s making a fist and wrapping them twice Gonna gonna knock you out and put you on ice Shari’s Menopause is comin’ to town She’ll kill you when […]

Life, The Universe and Baker Creek

So Baker Creek didn’t give me the free complimentary Cabbage seeds this month. I think it’s because of the 2 kinds of cabbage that I ordered. The Chinese Pai Tsai looks like a good one. This is a fast growing cabbage so I should be able to get my midsummer crops in. The Early Jersey Wakefield […]

Baker Creek Catalog Thwarts Plans

So we are all set for this spring. We have our garden divided and ready to plant specific vegetables this year. We decided to cut way back on “Unusual Fruits and Vegetables” for next year. The problem is we grow weird stuff and then literally gorge ourselves on food. Garden fruits and vegetables are like […]

Plant Hardiness Zone – Redux

There seems to be a major issue on “Plant Hardiness Zones”. People feel that they are written in stone instead of a general guideline. This is far from the truth, especially in what is called a “Micro Climate”. Heres part of an article from Wikipedia… Microclimates exist, for example, near bodies of water which may […]

Container, Washer, and leashing Shari.

Shari was in a very rare “6 year old mood” Saturday. See, I had called “Tuff Box Containers” on getting a container for the house to store stuff in. I chose the “Rent to own”, I was impressed with the sales pitch and the cost. They said I would get it on Friday. They then […]

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