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Stop Gherkin Me Around.


Nothing in my life is easy and anything I try that is new has complications. Just like the Mexican Sour Gherkin. The first time we tried these little guys, we trellised them on the front porch. They didn’t get 100% Sun but they did pretty well. They started coming on in June real well. Unfortunately […]

2017 Growing Season


First I want to point out something kind of cool. I took this picture yesterday of the car lot across from our house. as you can see it is a big lot. What is sad is that this whole lot use to be a garden and the guy would sell fresh fruits and vegetables. Now […]

The Deadman


I am trying to gather history, Myths and legends for Turley. I was told one story that had me laughing. Man I hope I get this story right. If anyone is from the Turley, OK area, please fill in the details. Seems in the early 1900’s there was a town drunk that they called “The […]

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