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The fat lady is singing.

I have no fight left in me. I am tired of the embarrassment and humiliation. This isn’t fair to Shari. I can’t do what I want anymore. Yesterday was a great day at 80┬░. I spent it in a fetal position to sore to move. Today I had to get Shari’s meds. This resulted in […]

Baker Creek Started a war?

So Shari found a white paste tomato this year (Cream Sausage). O.K. She had to have it. When I explained if I mixed them with Romas we would get a pink sauce, she decided that I will be making a white sauce this year. Her reasoning? We have white Garlic and white onions that we […]

I am not Baker Creek.

It’s true. I do not work for Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I am not customer service, a horticultural expert, a salesman or anything else but a loyal customer. I like Baker Creek because they don’t have a billion obscure plants. Seriously, why carry over 1500 varieties of tomatoes? I want tomatoes that I know will […]

It wasn’t paranormal

So a couple of weeks ago I flipped over to the TV to see if there was a good show on. I mean $100 plus for tv, there has to be something good, right? Before I could even touch the remote to change from computer to HDMI, My t.v. went wacky, automatically changing. I managed […]

Eye of the Tater

O.K. This is just a basic Tater growing guide. There are a 1,000 ways to plant Taters and 1,000 ways to screw up. The best seed Taters you can get has a ton of “eyes” on them. Now there are ┬áton of ways to plant your taters and that depends on how big your garden […]

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