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Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook

I normally hate cookbooks or googling recipes. If I want fancy food my wife will grab me by the ankles and drag me to a restaurant. I want it easy, quick and tastes good. If I am trying something new, I do not want to have to call NASA for conversion charts. I also want […]

Videos and Honorable Mentions

OK I am going to do a short series of videos on what I am growing. These will be what I have grown, haven’t grown, why I am growing and any tips and tricks. All seeds will be from Baker Creek as that is the only seed company I order from. You can subscribe to […]

Shari, Learning and Gardening

I have new people on my Facebook Friends and as usual I have to clear some things up. My wife has an issue that is funny and sad, so lets get this out in the open. See, If I tell people her issue, they ask me why it matters. If I don’t say anything, they […]

Diabetic Lives Matter

Yeah, this post is about me and how everyone discriminates. See, I’m a Diabetic. Everything in a store isn’t for someone with Diabetes. When I walk past a Bakery I have to run to the bathroom and smell old mens farts to get the smell out of my nose. See, Bakeries set off cravings. If […]

I don’t eat purple.

I make a mean fried tater. so much so that my wife will walk 2 miles to a store and buy a bag for me to cook. Living in Washington, she wanted fried taters and went to the store. She came home all happy and gave me the bag. I prepped the counter, and started […]

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