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Old Folks Bean

Our fall crop of these Dragons Tongue are coming on stronger than our spring crop. A sweet, crisp and moist bean, we have no qualms about making room in our garden. Two twenty foot rows are giving us literally about a gallon of beans every 3 days. Though Shari and I love them, we have […]

2018 Whole Seed Catalog – Baker Creek

Oh ┬áDear Lord! Baker Creek is at it again! They are getting ready to ship their Whole Seed Catalog in 2 months and are doing a pre-order. Just in time for the cold winter months when you can’t garden, but need something to keep you going. Seeds, recipes, histories, gardens, how to’s, you name it. […]

Shirley Hammond Multiplier Onion

This is a new Multiplier Onion that Baker Creek Got this year. If you want to try them, good luck, they are out. Anywho, I ordered 1/2 pound. Since my I’itoi onions did well, I didn’t want to over do it. I did order 2 1/2 pounds of I’itoi and found another 1 1/2 pounds […]

Joyce R. Q&A

Had a few questions posed to me on Facebook and decided to answer them here. I have a statement and a few questions. Your beans look amazing as does everything else in your garden that you have shared. Thank you! Shari and I (As in just Shari) work hard out there. 1st. Does your neighbors […]

Shari A Thief?

A comment was made in passing that you really had to pay attention to catch and no harm was intended. It did, however, remind me of an amusing story. Back in NY I use to dump all of my change on my desk. I always had $10 – $20 in coins laying about. This was […]

Garlic, Yum!

Its getting that time of year to plant garlic again. I had a very good run of Soft and Hardneck Garlic last year. Why am I starting Garlic a little early? Because the garlic I left in the ground is starting to sprout! I am going to pull the garlic I left to see if […]

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