Cooking my Turkey

20161123_041849This is late for most people but I was asked on how I do my Turkey. It’s truly an easy way. Now there is no need to go into what happens when we get it thawed and out of the bag.

We have fun with it and I think some things we do make it illegal and you won’t want to eat at our house.


20161123_041901The first thing to do is wash it. No, you don’t need S.O.S pads, soap, clorox, etc Just some some cool water and rinse it off.

Find your self a good garbage bag or bucket. We have a 5 gallon bucket with a tight lid.

We like the bucket as we can roll it halfway every couple of hours and keep it mixed.


20161123_041855Now comes for the “Marinade”.

We like Italian dressing, Balsamic vinegar or Raspberry vinaigrette.

We put the turkey in the bucket and then fill with our dressing.

The next is simple.

Every 8 hours, turn the turkey over OR put the bucket on it’s side and every time you see it, give it a kick to makes sure everything soaks in the solution.

Do this for 2 days, give your Turkey a quick rinse, then prepare it like you would a normal Turkey.

This method helps tenderize the turkey and moistens the white meat.