Free or Whole seed Catalog

seed-catalogWhich catalog should you get? Simple, get them both!

The free seed catalog, you get all their seeds with descriptions.

This is great when you want to place an order and don’t have a lot of time.

It is filled with tons of pictures and descriptions. You may find your self slowing up and browsing a bit, but nothing like the Whole seed catalog.

Free Seed Catalog.

2017-whole-seed-catalog-coverThe whole seed Catalog is a completely different story.

Shari and I have fought over this one to the point we have to get the first aid kit.

Foremost, it is more of a book than a catalog. Sure it has all the seeds in it.

It goes more in depth on the seeds and vegetables and what they are used for. It tells the Story of Baker Creek and introduces you to their staff.

It gives you other stories related to gardening and how to grow certain stuff. It is a sit down and reading time catalog full of information for years to come.

Not to mention it is worth a lot more than the $9.95 asking price.

Buy and try it once, you will be impatiently waiting for the next one!

Whole Seed Catalog.

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