Why get the catalog

20161126_131826It’s always fun to get the whole seed catalog at my house.  It’s also the time of year my wife and I break out the wiffle bats and try to knock each other senseless. We don’t fight until it’s Whole seed catalog time and then all of our suppressed anger comes out. Who gets the Catalog first? What are we going to order and try?

We start dividing up our garden setting up machine gun nests, no trespassing zones and I think she even got a hold of landmines. “Mine”, “Hers”, “Ours” There’s”, “Experimental”.

20161126_131928The book is beautifully written with gorgeous photos. It gives you a taste of its history.

It is even filled with “Teasers about there fruits and vegetables.

If you think your going to speed read through the book, you’re wrong. There is always something else to draw your attention to.

My wife even takes notes. This is strange in itself as she doesn’t like to read or write.

Its a true joy to even listen to her going through the book. “OHHHH! EEEEE WEEEE YEEEEAH”!

20161126_132242Of course it wouldn’t be a Baker Creek Seed Catalog without a “About us”.

They explain about their seed, store and Pioneer village.

Every year they mention something else I didn’t know.

It explains why they have a better germination than most other stores.

There staff page is also truly amazing as you get to meet the people behind the scenes,
20161126_131942The history of their seeds are fun to read alsol

Shari loves to read and then says, “Hey, did you know”….

It’s 3:00am in the morning, I don’t want to know or care, I want her to go to sleep.

It’s amazing how they track the history of vegetables from their origins up to today.

20161126_132105Recipes! They have recipes hidden throughout the book.

So not only are they selling seeds, they are showing you how to eat healthier.

This year, Shri and I have designated a plot to grow the ingredients to make these delicious treats.

They don’t have instructions for Ramen Noodles, so we will try other things.


And let’s not forget all the gardening tips!

Always something new that I never thought of.

Neat little tricks on how to try things and get them done.

It’s truly a difference between having a mongrel dog and a pet monkey.

Well, off to work, Shari is trying to annex some more of the garden. And she took my credit card. She will give it back on pay day after she makes her order.

Whole Seed Catalog.