A Cheat that works

I love Oklahoma and the long growing season. However, sometimes it isn’t long enough or I want something earlier than what it normally grows.

I love planting plants. The only issue is they may go into “Shock” for 2 weeks if you disturb the roots.

And some plants can be downright suicidal if you try to replant. Now watermelon and cantaloupe I can get early varieties, This stops the severe craving for when the bad boys come out.

But there is a way to get them going real early.

I go to a Garden center and grab there big cheaply made pots that they trash.

I get them about 1 foot deep and 1 foot wide. This gives them lots of room and depth to grow in.

Instead of having balled up roots like a small plant starter, they can grow nice and long. Since all the dirt has the proper fertilizer, they can nice and strong.

Normally, Shari and I have about 10 pots a going. We put them in a south window and take them out during the day when the temperature is 50F or above, Cover with plastic until it starts to get cool, then back into a window.

And here’s a cool thing to do because eventually you will want to plant whatever you have. In one pot, every 2 to 3 inches, we cut a hole, go 2 to 3 inches, cut another hole.

We then put this pot in the uncut one and fill with dirt, then plant and do the above method.

In the spring you dig a hole and plop the inner bucket in the dirt. Your done!

We have had watermelon come up a couple months earlier than what they were supposed to using this method.

Another great thing is if you have clay type soil. See, your not growing in that soil, but what you put in the bucket.

When you water, the soil in the bucket will absorb most of it, Unlike the clay type were most of it sits on top and evaporates into the air.

In the fall, reuse the buckets!

We have done this for a few years now. And where we only want 2 to 5 of some plant, it works more than super awesome.

This year we are having a battle on the Gete Okosomin Squash. Buffy, Stacey and I are going to see who can grow the best, the biggest, and the most (per pound)

I will win so might as well bet on me.

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