Baker Creek Catalog Thwarts Plans

ewwSo we are all set for this spring. We have our garden divided and ready to plant specific vegetables this year.

We decided to cut way back on “Unusual Fruits and Vegetables” for next year. The problem is we grow weird stuff and then literally gorge ourselves on food.

Garden fruits and vegetables are like candy to us. Unusual, or stuff we try for the first time is like Christmas dinner. I remember the first time we tried Kiwano, Hmong cucumber, and Snow White Carrot. We decimated our crops before we had a chance to store them for later.

Lets not forget the time my wife had her first Garden Rocky Ford Cantaloupe. For 2 weeks she would eat half of one, stick it in the fridge and get another fresh one. I hollered at her so she would sit out in the garden and eat them. The next year we tried Minnesota Midget. I got half of one and my wife got the rest.

Then the Sugar Baby watermelons came out. She scared friends away that approached these babies. We had 18 ready and she wasn’t going to share. Shari never had the luxury of diverse foods until we met and started gardening. Talking to her was like talking to a brick wall. They could have cucumbers or beans, nothing more.

15267739_1794885430750362_4992814195574586_nSo this year Baker Creek came out with The Carolina Reaper. We had these before but the seeds were over priced. Baker Creek has cut that cost so we will do them this year. These are hot, and I mean HOT. We give them to friends that we don’t like.

We then foundĀ Gete Okosomin 800 year old squash just recentley found. We have to grow these.

I believe my wife found these beauties while she was dropping LSD. She put the Brads Atomic Grape tomato on our list. Do I have a choice on growing these? LOL!

Right now we got both seed catalogs and my wife is studying and taking notes. Garden plans are already shot to hell. I ripped the map up and threw it out. Its like Basic training and she’s the drill sergeant. No sense arguing.

I will redraw my map next month. I give up.