Container, Washer, and leashing Shari.

20161203_104902Shari was in a very rare “6 year old mood” Saturday.
See, I had called “Tuff Box Containers” on getting a container for the house to store stuff in. I chose the “Rent to own”, I was impressed with the sales pitch and the cost. They said I would get it on Friday.
They then called and asked if they could deliver it on Saturday. I had no issue on this as they basically said, “The driver doesn’t want to deliver on Friday”. Seriously!
So Friday I also bought a Washing machine, also to be delivered on a Saturday.
Also, Shari was expecting a package in the mail on Saturday.

This caused a flurry of brain activity in Shari’s head.

20161203_103211Saturday morning at 2:00 am, she was playing Candy Crush. She does this by turning off the volume and dimming the screen so she doesn’t wake me up. Her squeaks and squeals woke me up every 5 minutes or so.

I figured it be best to let her use up some of her impatient energy so Saturday would be kind of calm, I was wrong.

At 6:00am it started, She couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted the Container, Washer and packages now. This caused her to run outside everytime she heard a car. You know we live in a highway, right? I literally had to threaten to leash her to the bed.

Now she isn’t going outside so she starts pacing the floors. Same trail all day long.

Finally, about 11:00ish, the container came. I’m laying down, half dazed to completely wake up to, “IT’S HERE, OH MY GOD IT’S HERE”.

20161203_102537It was at this point that I got totally creeped out. Somehow, she had dressed me in my sleep so I was ready. I go outside and drag her out of the driveway so they can back up.

As they were getting it off the trailer, I had to holler at her once again. I explained that it had to be completely unloaded for her to start putting our stuff in it. I finally had to make her sit on the porch.

The delivery guys were sure having fun watching me try to get Shari calmed down. As soon as it was down, Shari was up and loading.

As I was signing the paperwork, I told Shari she could bring out more than one object at a time. This kept her busy until she had enough room in the kitchen for her washer.

20161203_182936The company we bought the washer from was cool. He warned me that it would be after 6:00pm. Of course, this was “Un Cool” for me and pissed Shari off.

Shari was pacing and telling me about all the laundry and how she was going to do it. 4 hours of this and she WOULD NOT SHUT UP.

When the washer came, I didn’t play games. I was barely moving at this point but I wasn’t going to let that deter me. Why? Shari wasn’t going to let it deter me.

She was telling me where she wanted it and how she wanted it. She grabbed all the tools we needed on the way through the house.

As we got it in the spot she wanted it it, she stepped back and stared at me. She took the “Don’t move until it’s hooked up” posture.

I hooked it up, she’s been doing wash all night long.


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