I don’t eat purple.

I make a mean fried tater. so much so that my wife will walk 2 miles to a store and buy a bag for me to cook.

Living in Washington, she wanted fried taters and went to the store.

She came home all happy and gave me the bag. I prepped the counter, and started to cut them up.

I noticed that my cutting board and knife had this purple liquid all over them. To me, this was like biting into a hot dog and finding a vein. I was horrified and asked Shari where she got them. she told me the store and I quickly called them.

They informed me that they never sold purple potatoes but they did exist and were good to eat. We argued.

I went to the store with bag and receipt. I sure wasn’t going to eat any mutant tater no matter who said they were good.

The store was shocked when they found out they sold them. Shari went to the bin and the produce manager searched the whole box. He didn’t find a bag.

It seems that Shari got the only bag that was mistakenly thrown in the bin.

I don’t eat purple potatoes to this day, or anything purple.

So what does Baker Creek do?

Posts the Moloki purple Sweet potato!


Have you tried the purple sweet potato? We love the rich, dry flesh of the Molokai purple variety that is so popular in Hawaii. Easy to grow in zone five and warmer

Posted by Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company on Wednesday, December 21, 2016