Life, The Universe and Baker Creek

So Baker Creek didn’t give me the free complimentary Cabbage seeds this month. I think it’s because of the 2 kinds of cabbage that I ordered.
The Chinese Pai Tsai looks like a good one. This is a fast growing cabbage so I should be able to get my midsummer crops in.
The Early Jersey Wakefield is another fast growing wonder that gives me cabbage before the big boys come in.
This will keep my cabbage eating to a minimal. If this didn’t happen I would have enough gas to power the Death Star.

Free Seeds:
We got the atomic red carrot. I told Shari I wasn’t going to grow these this year so Baker Creek sent these as a freebie. Guess what I am growing?

We also got the Black Vernissage Tomato. Whats another few more tomato plants with the 100’s were growing next year?

Back to paid seeds:
Naturally we got the Kiwano (African Horned Melon) this year. We just cut the ends off and suck the juice out. It has a slightly tart, banana-lime taste. Grow these on a trellis and not on the ground. The thorns are very sharp and will easily penetrate skin. If you get mad and punch it, you need more bandaids. This is a fruit that fights back.

Shari loves her carrots so we picked up the Oxheart Carrots. We call them “Bunker Busters” as they don’t care how clay like your soil is, THEY WANT TO LIVE!

We also do the Parisienne Carrot. These small kind of golf ball sized veggies are small and delicious. We love just tossing these into stews. Since they are small they have no issue with clay like soil.

We have a love hate relationship with Zucchini but are going to try the Nimba Zucchini. Of course this lady by the name of “Buffy” said that the Gete Okosomin Squash was in stock so I bought those. Since the Gete Squash is still extremely rare, We may forego all other squash this year so we can keep a pure strain.

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