OU Physicians, why me?

So I open an envelope and found out OU Physicians blew me in for $16.33 to a creditor who is threatening to sue me, LOL!

As you all know I have had issues with these guys before.

Their medicines always give me side effects that they either can’t fix or medicare won’t pay for the medicine.

They gave me E.D. They won’t do anything for it and it’s not like I am able to give it memorial services and bury it in the dirt.

They gave me Neuropathy. They can’t fix that or give me my money back. They won’t even give me a script for a cane or walker, I had to buy them myself.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t responsible for my actions, I should become a Dr.

Any who, I called OU to figure this out. See, I was in 2 months ago and asked what my bill was. She said, “$0 but you have a $2.00 co-pay”. Now I know for a fact that if I only give her $2.00, I am going to get a bill for the other $16.00 +. I fought with her and she took the $20.00. Now I should technically be $18.00 ahead until they kick out the bill and it will be $0 again.

So I called Billing and got the dumbest response. “Her computer only goes back 3 months”. O.K. well, why do I owe the bill?

She then explained that she couldn’t find it on her computer and I would have to talk to her Supervisor. WTF?

Naturally the Supervisor wasn’t in and I had to leave a message they won’t return.

Why is it I owe these guys money but they can’t figure out how I owe it to them?

Why is it easier to teach a pet monkey not to throw feces at house guests? I may never know.