Rodents, Gophers and Moles, Oh My!

Turley is known for rodents, even the four legged kind. Unfortunately if you have Gophers and Moles, your neighbors do to.
Many a night I have seen Shari in Hand to Hand combat with these evil little critters that love vegetables to.

They can also be hard to get rid of for many reasons. Like I said, if you have them, your neighbors have them.

You have to get rid of their food source (Bugs and insects).

Keep stomping there trails down. This will at least slow them up.

The best way (LOL!) is through the use of chemicals. Unfortunately when the chemicals wear off, They come back. You also risk killing your pets.

Traps work nicely when put in there trails and you stay on top of the matter. Don’t check the traps for a couple of weeks, you get to deal with offspring.

The way I deal with them is 2 ways.

Sonic Traps. This sends a beeping signal through the ground that does 2 things. One, it annoys them so they stay away. Two, they avoid your property as they can’t hear the grubs and worms underground. Sonic traps work great as long as you check the batteries every couple of months. It also doesn’t harm pets. Just bury them enough so you don’t hit them with the dreaded lawn mower.

My wife and I will stake a small, hollow pipe in the in the ground. About 1/2 inch wide 8 inches down. We then put pinwheels in them. When the wind blows, the pinwheels make clicking noises in the pipe that drives them nuts and keeps them away. We have 12 pinwheels for out 60X120 garden.

If you know of other suggestions, leave them in the comments below.