Shari and Baker Creek

(True Story, all of it). First I wake up to find out Shari’s sister, Sue, Sent her a package. You can see that video on my Facebook. This is the stuff I wake up to. I managed to lay back down.

I get in a comfortable position, ease the pain in my muscles, and start to doze back off.

All of a sudden it sounded like a truck slammed into my front door. I tried to bolt upright but my body would have nothing to do with it. I quickly found out Shari was excited yet again and tried to enter the house without turning the door knob.

Shari got in the house, had the door opened halfway, then tripped and hit the floor again. She got up started running again, slipped again and crashed into the wall, falling down.

At this point I am throwing pillows on the floor to break her fall. What is she so excited about?

Rushing into the bedroom, kind of wobbling, she knocks everything off of my walker and sits down.

I asked what was going on and she shoved an envelope in my face. “I GOT A CARD FROM BAKER CREEK! I GOT A CARD FROM BAKER CREEK”!

Now I know why she is acting like a tweaker high on crack.

She ripped the envelope open, her eyes beaming, her hands shaking, she read me every signature twice. She hugged her card like a Teddy Bear. She won’t let me touch it.

She went and put it in the safe. I told her that I didn’t get a B-Day card from them.

She’s said, “Because they know your a dick”.

She’s leaving me alone for now. She’s calling all of her friends and family telling them about the Baker Creek Birthday card.


    • Mike