So You Want A Garden Part 1

Gardening can be fun and rewarding. It can also be a pain if you’re not careful. Here is what I have learned.

There are 2 ways to look at space. How much space you will need and how much space you actually have. How do you figure this out?
Easy! Find a website that has all the pertinent information and steal from them! Gardening Know How has an awesome plant spacing page here.

Now pay attention to that chart. If you crowd your plants you won’t get as many vegetables as they will be fighting for water and nutrients. It will be also harder to weed between plants.

Especially short season growers, time is critical. You want to have produce before the cold kills your hard work. Find plants that will grow in your area! Ask gardeners around you. Go to your local cooperative extension.

The old Farmer’s Almanac has a nice Garden Planner. If you want way more info than you care to know, Baker Creek has a super awesome planting guide. I prefer the Baker Creek planting guide as I actually do remember some of the stuff and appear smarter than I actually am.

Fruits and Vegetables.
Once you get everything planted and watered, you have to worry about weeds, bugs, animals and sneaky neighbors!
I will do another 2 part series on that. For now, Find out what you want and how much space you have. We all have time before planting.

Don’t know where to get Vegetable, Fruit Herb, and flower seeds? Try Baker Creek, they have everything!

Baker Creek Main site

Vegetables and Fruits



Part 2 will be garden setup.

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