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Clydes Garden Planner #2

First and foremost. Suzanne, Relax! It was a joke! Not funny to you but I still have tears in my eyes. Now onto Clyde’s Garden planner which you can get at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I bought 2 last year and wound up with 5. I believe this is because I have a wife that steals

Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook

I normally hate cookbooks or googling recipes. If I want fancy food my wife will grab me by the ankles and drag me to a restaurant. I want it easy, quick and tastes good. If I am trying something new, I do not want to have to call NASA for conversion charts. I also want

Why get the catalog

It’s always fun to get the whole seed catalog at my house.  It’s also the time of year my wife and I break out the wiffle bats and try to knock each other senseless. We don’t fight until it’s Whole seed catalog time and then all of our suppressed anger comes out. Who gets the

The Heirloom Life Gardener – Redux

Seriously, I am not a big reader. It really has to strike my fancy. I hate Gardening books, I really do. I have about 30 books from the 1840’s all the way up to today’s. Half the time they either make no sense or talk about the impossible. They have big words that you need