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Random tips

These are basic things that I have found helpful throughout the years in no random order. Squash/Cucumbers. Ground watering is the best as they seem to get diseases if the leaves are watered. Ground Temps. Just because you have had a weeks worth of 60 degree temperatures, doesn’t mean your ground is warm enough for

Seed Starting.

OK, this is my cheat sheet for Seed starting indoors. On the back side of this is for a fall plant. This is Clydes Garden Planner, a very useful tool you can Buy at Baker Creek Heirloom seeds – Clydes garden Planner. When to start indoors (Oklahoma) January 18th Pepper, Tomatoes. March 8th Plant. February 8th.

Why so many seeds.

People always think I just hord seeds. This is not the case. Yes, I have more seeds and varieties than I do land. There is a reason for this……… When Shari and I started gardening, I found a couple of vegetables I wanted to try and did. Shari never had them before and fell in

Fall Plan Spring Plant And Containers.

Luckily (Or unluckily, depending on how you look at it) I didn’t plant a fall garden. This has given time to prepare and see what we can get in next spring. We already had a plan with a map done, then realized we forgot stuff. Oh yeah, the Elders dropped hints on what they want

Turley Gardening Group

OK. After thinking about it for a while, I am going to start a Turley Gardening Group. The main reason – we have many backyard gardeners that can benefit from this. I would like a group that can share ideas, trade seeds, and maybe even a little farmer’s market once in awhile here in Turley.

Growing a variety.

One thing that I have noticed is the differance in Northern states compared to Southern states. Northern states has a wide variety of foods and the southern states are semi lacking. The North has certain fruits and vegetables they like, the South has certain fruits and vegetables they like. Often, they don’t intermix. Gardening allows

Gardening Pros and Cons

These are my PERSONAL feelings on different types of Gardening and the Pros and Cons. GMO’S: I want to get this one out of the way as it is the most widely targeted. I also must say I am completely against GMO’s but not all problems will be posted here. GMO’s were meant to grow

Okra – The Demon spawn

I got a very rare and special Okra today. I am finding it on the web but only by individual growers. But first…. I was introduced to Okra in NY, though it is mainly a southern treat. My Aunt Lura use to send us up fresh pods every year. When we started growing in Oklahoma,

Garlic Garlic Garlic

Got my German Red and Moroccan Creole planted today in raised beds. I am loving the hot and spicy Garlic that B.C. has been coming up with as of late. Tomorrow is my Korean Garlic (nice, hot and spicy), that will go in yet another made raised bed. Our neighbors just loved our Garlic last

Atlantic Giant Dud Pumpkin

Oh man! What a bust Pumpkins where this year. My Cucumbers didn’t fair any better either. It got hot and humid, then mold set in. My pumpkins would get so big, get mold, and within days rotted on the vine. I opened one up and it was obvious it was nowhere near ripe. I didn’t


WooWho! Baker Creek is adding new stuff to there site! OMG! OMG! OMG! They may be “Out of Stock” right now, but they soon will be for sale! I am also sure they will be adding more stuff, so stay tuned! Malawi Malachite Green Bean | Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Malawi Malachite Green Bean |

Why I Till

It irks me when I see people that say, “Don’t Till”. Most of these people either read some web page with an agenda, Heard it from someone that thinks they know what they are talking about, or they have severe reading comprehension abilities. So, here we go, I till for these reasons. It loosens the