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To Bitter Or Not To Bitter

My bitter melon started coming up! I bought these as it says it regulates Diabetes. Normally when you get some kind of specialty cure, it is on a “Healthy Living” or a  “Holistic” website. If a Science or Science Health website talks about it, they always say, “it may help but not enough studies done”. […]

Garlic, Why Oh Why?

Shari and I just love eating Garlic, but just not any Garlic. As we get older it gets harder taste food. We need a good, strong, spicy garlic. Store bought garlic just sucks. There is no taste and you have to use a whole bulb to flavor food. We have found some delicious varieties at […]

To Bud or not to Bud

I am seeing quite a bit of discussion lately on whether to pull buds (Flower Starts) off plants or not. The whole issue stems to where do you want all the energy going to, the plant or fruit? My experience with Okra, Peppers and Tomatoes tells me that it all depends. Plants need energy to […]

Clean your root and tubers

A few years ago I got potatoes from a company (NOT Baker Creek) and did not clean them. Soon I had an extensive Colorado Potato beetle explosion. I quickly dispatched these little creeps and watched my potatoes all summer long. I was lucky as they will also eat a variety of other garden related plants […]

Plant Starting

A good question came up on when to start plants and put seeds in. Always check the “Days to Maturity”. This is an average on when to expect fruit. I have had 90 day plants mature in 70 days to 100 days. Also check your average ground temps! 55 degrees is a nice ground temp […]

Volcano gardening? Seriously?

We live under a hot Sun and clay like soil. Our soil gets so hard that trying to till it in the summer literally buffs the ground. Watering is a pain also. The best time to water is in the middle of the night when you have a slight chance of the water permeating the […]

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