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Why I Till

It irks me when I see people that say, “Don’t Till”. Most of these people either read some web page with an agenda, Heard it from someone that thinks they know what they are talking about, or they have severe reading comprehension abilities. So, here we go, I till for these reasons. It loosens the […]

Start of my Cool Crops

Well Shari and I are starting to get more stuff in besides beans and Cucumbers. Golden Acre Cabbage. This is supposed to be a small, fast producing head. Not really good for long term storage but tasty. We always plant some early varieties to take care of our cravings until the bad boys come in. […]

Silence of the Lambs Quarters.

I actually learned what Lambsquarters was from Baker Creek. I also soon learned that it’s a plant from Hell. And not just the top part, the deepest darkest pit from Hell. See, you can eat the plant, and it tastes semi good when picked small. The problem I have is that it overtakes my garden […]

Container Gardening #2

John added some tips to my container gardening post, Well worth the tips!   Mike, A good post. I would only add the following: 1) After the initial planting, do not fertilize until the fruit sets; eg the flower pedals have fallen off an there is a little green tomato in its place. 2) If […]

Johns Garden

John kind of has his garden going this year as he has started kind of late. He’s a garlic connoisseur (Italian) so he grows Garlic every year. This is great as if I have a Garlic question, he has the answer. And he can grow garlic, trust me! Now John (Unlike Shari and I) figures […]

To Bitter Or Not To Bitter

My bitter melon started coming up! I bought these as it says it regulates Diabetes. Normally when you get some kind of specialty cure, it is on a “Healthy Living” or a  “Holistic” website. If a Science or Science Health website talks about it, they always say, “it may help but not enough studies done”. […]

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