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Composting the night away

Ah! Composting! Recycling! Cheap Methods! Yes, Composting can be cheap and very beneficial to soil. Stuff like coffee grounds and eggshells we just toss in the garden. Other items, like food scraps, need to be broken down. Especially in my area that is known for rats. They are big and mean enough. I hate when […]

KISS – Keep It Simple, Shari

Gardening is so simple even Shari can do it. She has learning comprehension issues that I will get to in a minute. Science is pretty sure how gardening started. Man noticed that year after year, certain fruits and vegetables grew at certain times. Also through observation plants that were in less weedy areas seem to […]

Eye of the Tater

O.K. This is just a basic Tater growing guide. There are a 1,000 ways to plant Taters and 1,000 ways to screw up. The best seed Taters you can get has a ton of “eyes” on them. Now there are ┬áton of ways to plant your taters and that depends on how big your garden […]

Shari, Learning and Gardening

I have new people on my Facebook Friends and as usual I have to clear some things up. My wife has an issue that is funny and sad, so lets get this out in the open. See, If I tell people her issue, they ask me why it matters. If I don’t say anything, they […]

2017 What Were Planting

This is our Plant growing guide for 2017. Not counting the 5 varieties of Garlic, Onions and strawberries we started last year. No! We do NOT plant every seed. We do not need 25 Cherry tomato plants and 500 paste tomatoes. Also, we can get about “3 seasons” and keep our garden growing all summer […]

A Cheat that works

I love Oklahoma and the long growing season. However, sometimes it isn’t long enough or I want something earlier than what it normally grows. I love planting plants. The only issue is they may go into “Shock” for 2 weeks if you disturb the roots. And some plants can be downright suicidal if you try […]

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