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Remain Calm, LOL!

I decided to explain my issues on gardening this year, after I have calmed down, kind of sort of. Now the person I will be talking about, I won’t use his real name, I will just call him “Carpet”. Now┬áCarpet joined FOBC a while back and claimed to be a “Permaculturist”. I have no issues […]

Baker Creek DID IT AGAIN!

There is a reason why Shari and I over order. One, to make sure we have enough for our garden. Two, so we can grow a billion varieties. Three, some friends have difficulty getting seeds. This was true today as a friend dropped by. He hasn’t started gardening this year as he had an accident […]

She’s got to go

So the refrigerator I bought yesterday and wasn’t delivered. This required a walk into town which I was not ready to do. The guy gave a great excuse on a “No call, no show” and said it be about 10 minutes and he would take us home with the refrigerator. We decide to cross the […]

Baker Creek -The Helping Hand.

O.K. After yesterday I am going to post this. A few weeks ago in my little town, our community center burned to the ground. It was an electrical short in a 100 year old Church. Everything was in that church for our little community, food, clothes, blankets, heaters, etc. anything to help out the poor […]

Shari’s Baker Creek Spring.

This year is the game changer for Shari. We have been Gardening and ordering many Baker Creek seeds throughout the years. This year has been completely different. No longer are tomatoes just tomatoes, onions aren’t just onions, beans aren’t just beans. She is zeroing in on specific items. i’itoi onions, Cream sausage tomatoes, Mira white […]

Why Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, again

I guess people can’t figure out why Baker Creek is so awesome. So here we go again. When we started growing again I decided I wanted Hmong Cucumber and couldn’t find any online. My friend, Jessi, introduced me to Baker Creek Heirloom seeds. I ordered the seeds. I had some kind of issue and decided […]

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