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Rubbing one out

Did I get your attention? I have to get this “discussion group” crap out of my system. Why? Because I have quit 5 gardening groups in the past couple of days. Every group has “Open Discuss”, “Freely Discuss”, “All opinions are welcome”, Etc, etc, etc. And everyone of them are complete and utter lies. What […]

This year so far

This year so far. I have no clue where half my pictures went but I am not looking! This is just a generalized accounting as I am not counting what weather destroyed or what I messed up or whats going in soon! Hope you enjoy! . . .

(Eye of the tiger)

Spring is here, need a veg with some meat, It is time, Time to get plantin’ In the garden, swept off my feet I’m just a man with a handful of eyes I’m planting deep, I hope they will last I have a passion for telling stories I lost my grip and fell on my […]

Dear Cox Communications

Dear Cox, A few months ago my services went to hell in a handbasket. My internet connection was horrible. Even though I am at 50 megs down and 5 megs up, I was lucky to get 3 megs down and .5 megs up according to Speedtest and Cox internet speed test. My cable isn’t much […]

Body Blocker 2017

Shari has shown some jealousy in her life, but not too much. She realizes that I have to communicate with the opposite sex and deals with it. Now I know I can flirt with other women. As long as I don’t touch she is fine. That takes the fun out of it so I don’t […]

Today in History

So we made our pilgrimage to South Tulsa with K.T. today. K.T. took us to see if the car could handle Tulsa roads. If it did, it sure would handle Missouri. We got our cash and headed to Golden Corral. Shari just loves the Buffet and the “All you can eat” part. They had “Moms […]

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