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Buy Organic: Is it True?

I decided to write this up because a while back I had a fight with Suzanne . She badgered anyone who wasn’t “Organic” and then stupidly posted pictures of her garden. Nothing wrong with that but used tires and chemically treated raised beds are not organic! The issue isn’t Organic Gardening but the lies that

Hell in December – Wheelchair

OK. So the 1st of December I got sick, real sick. For 2 weeks I had the flu which flared up my Fibro and Neuropathy. I was curled up in a fetal position. Shari was a real trooper and took care of the minutest detail. I would wake up and on the counter would be

So you know me

Normally when I post it is usually dark or for shock value, lets get that out of the way now! I love to garden but I have a host of health issues. This is why when I post gardening pictures it is more of us screwing off than anything. Yes, we garden, but I am

Turley Gardening

I was discussing with a friend about maybe starting a Monthly Turley Gardening group out besides my facebook gardening group here. Anyone could attend a Monthly meeting on how to garden, what to garden, tips and suggestions. During growing season maybe having a brunch that everyone can share out of their gardens. We could even

Some things to do before Spring

First, if you need Tillers or Cultivators, now is the time to start looking at Pawn Shops. People seem to forget there is a next year and pawn their stuff. The Pawn shops don’t want to hold on to it and sell it CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. Garden stores are getting rid of excess seeds and

♫Oh Dear Lord!♫

I can not believe it! I really can’t! 4 Years ago I got a package of Short Stuff Sunflowers and grew them. They got about 3 feet high and had gorgeous heads! My way of thinking was I could buy another package next year. That was so stupid as they stopped carrying them! The Short

Welcome and FYI!

We have a few Turlians joining my facebook group which is super awesome. We are all in zone 6B/7 in N.E. Oklahoma. Already cool things have happened. I have met a few people and we have already started trading. This is great as it being a poor community, no one has much, but we always

Order 10/23

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My Day

So we go out and pick a bowl of beans for the Elders down the street. They sure love garden fresh beans and love getting them. As usual I had to holler at Miss Piggy to quit eating all of the beans. I didn’t realize this was the start of my problems. We met Dodie,

Couple more weird Gardening Methods.

Raised Beds. I will admit, I like raised bed gardening. Kind of pricey to set up but one of the best long term methods for gardening. I use them for crops that I do not want to fail, test crops, Specialty crops and what not. Straw Bail: If you’re rich and love wasting money, this

Why I am not Posting in FOBC

Guys, am NOT posting in Friends of Baker creek for various reasons. I had a post deleted (not the first time) and when I asked why. I got a very rude and snotty response, part of it was “Go post in your group” So I am. Its their group, I have no issues with that.

Learn to Share!

  I have Open Graph protocols installed on my site. this allows links to be shared. I have also installed a Facebook Share button. This is a cool button as you can share anywhere on facebook! . If you click the share button, a new window will popup with “Share on your timeline”.   If