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Videos and Honorable Mentions

OK I am going to do a short series of videos on what I am growing. These will be what I have grown, haven’t grown, why I am growing and any tips and tricks. All seeds will be from Baker Creek as that is the only seed company I order from. You can subscribe to […]

I don’t eat purple.

I make a mean fried tater. so much so that my wife will walk 2 miles to a store and buy a bag for me to cook. Living in Washington, she wanted fried taters and went to the store. She came home all happy and gave me the bag. I prepped the counter, and started […]

Shari and Baker Creek

(True Story, all of it). First I wake up to find out Shari’s sister, Sue, Sent her a package. You can see that video on my Facebook. This is the stuff I wake up to. I managed to lay back down. I get in a comfortable position, ease the pain in my muscles, and start […]

Shari Clause

(Santa claus is coming to town) ♫You better watch out, you better not cry Better not pout, Better run and hide Shari’s Menopause is comin’ to town She’s making a fist and wrapping them twice Gonna gonna knock you out and put you on ice Shari’s Menopause is comin’ to town She’ll kill you when […]

Container, Washer, and leashing Shari.

Shari was in a very rare “6 year old mood” Saturday. See, I had called “Tuff Box Containers” on getting a container for the house to store stuff in. I chose the “Rent to own”, I was impressed with the sales pitch and the cost. They said I would get it on Friday. They then […]

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