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It wasn’t paranormal

So a couple of weeks ago I flipped over to the TV to see if there was a good show on. I mean $100 plus for tv, there has to be something good, right? Before I could even touch the remote to change from computer to HDMI, My t.v. went wacky, automatically changing. I managed […]

It’s not a ghost, but it is a ghost.

After talking with Shari, it seems we have more strangeness around the house. Not that we have enough strangeness in our lives, OHHH NOOOO! We have sean a lot of shadows in our house that was readily identifiable. These are mainly caused by TV reflecting light and dark onto the walls. The only thing I […]

The terror within.

One day I boogied off to my Grandmothers to check in and see how she was doing. I sat down and we chatted for a while. At some point, as usual, I had to go the bathroom. I walked halfway down the hallway and I felt something amiss. Something felt just wrong. I continued down […]

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