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Diabetic Lives Matter

Yeah, this post is about me and how everyone discriminates. See, I’m a Diabetic. Everything in a store isn’t for someone with Diabetes. When I walk past a Bakery I have to run to the bathroom and smell old mens farts to get the smell out of my nose. See, Bakeries set off cravings. If […]

OU Physicians, why me?

So I open an envelope and found out OU Physicians blew me in for $16.33 to a creditor who is threatening to sue me, LOL! As you all know I have had issues with these guys before. Their medicines always give me side effects that they either can’t fix or medicare won’t pay for the […]

FM/CFS the cry

So my landlady dropped by today and caught me in full blown Fibro mode. Today I got paid and we hit 3 different stores to shop plus our Chinese Buffet run. Tulsa has some great stores, if you’re willing to drive all over town to get to them.This, of course, kills me. By the time […]

Going to Church – LOL!

Church can be a fun and interesting place, it all depends on your outlook and what life throws at you. Grandma always told me to go to Church and get a “Good Girl”. I’d always tell her that I wanted a dirty one. Methodist. The very first Church I went to was a Methodist and […]

Fun With Pumpkins

My wife and I don’t get out much do to my illness. This causes us to do things at home to amuse ourselves. Since Shari has a kids mentality when it comes to Holidays, things can go to Hell in a handbasket real fast. When it comes to Halloween she has to carve a pumpkin, […]

Not what he said!

Oh the embarrassment for my neighbor! For the past couple of weeks he has been telling me about this mysterious orange light that hovered overhead of Turkey Mountain. I have seen it. It appears just before sunset, then disappears shortly after. It just hovers. Now my neighbor, though an extremely intelligent man, is a conspiracy […]

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