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Shari A Thief?

A comment was made in passing that you really had to pay attention to catch and no harm was intended. It did, however, remind me of an amusing story. Back in NY I use to dump all of my change on my desk. I always had $10 – $20 in coins laying about. This was

Shari and Disability.

A funny comment came from someone the other day that can’t even take care of herself, “She has developmental disabilities and I am going to take care of her”. LOL! Now we all know Shari has learning comprehension issues. I don’t hide it and I do WARN people. This isn’t to harass or pick on

Dear Heather

I need to clarify a few things as you think you can say stuff and lie about me behind my back. And since you made it Public………… You can’t bring your stupid ass down to see me. Let’s clear this up. I have offered to come up 3 times. Every time you’re indecisive and can’t

Disability Payee’s

The war I got dragged into this week was about payee money. So I want to explain how this works. I was Shari’s Payee until an issue came up then Kendall took over. I was going to be Shari’s payee again but didn’t want the hassle, here’s why. If you need a payee then for

Diabetic Lives Matter

Yeah, this post is about me and how everyone discriminates. See, I’m a Diabetic. Everything in a store isn’t for someone with Diabetes. When I walk past a Bakery I have to run to the bathroom and smell old mens farts to get the smell out of my nose. See, Bakeries set off cravings. If

OU Physicians, why me?

So I open an envelope and found out OU Physicians blew me in for $16.33 to a creditor who is threatening to sue me, LOL! As you all know I have had issues with these guys before. Their medicines always give me side effects that they either can’t fix or medicare won’t pay for the

FM/CFS the cry

So my landlady dropped by today and caught me in full blown Fibro mode. Today I got paid and we hit 3 different stores to shop plus our Chinese Buffet run. Tulsa has some great stores, if you’re willing to drive all over town to get to them.This, of course, kills me. By the time

Going to Church – LOL!

Church can be a fun and interesting place, it all depends on your outlook and what life throws at you. Grandma always told me to go to Church and get a “Good Girl”. I’d always tell her that I wanted a dirty one. Methodist. The very first Church I went to was a Methodist and

Fun With Pumpkins

My wife and I don’t get out much do to my illness. This causes us to do things at home to amuse ourselves. Since Shari has a kids mentality when it comes to Holidays, things can go to Hell in a handbasket real fast. When it comes to Halloween she has to carve a pumpkin,

Not what he said!

Oh the embarrassment for my neighbor! For the past couple of weeks he has been telling me about this mysterious orange light that hovered overhead of Turkey Mountain. I have seen it. It appears just before sunset, then disappears shortly after. It just hovers. Now my neighbor, though an extremely intelligent man, is a conspiracy


Man do I get tired of scam calls. It’s gotten to the point I recognise there phone numbers and just start messing with them back. Today was no exception. I could only afford half of my meds this month, but I qualify for a $250,000 small business loan. This isn’t a miracle from God, God

Shari got busted! Shari got busted!

It’s been a rough couple of months. For the past two it’s been a battlefield. Shari has had to have her TV for some reason. She either wouldn’t do anything, half assed do it, Or just plain break stuff that I had to fix. All just to run back to her soaps or Candy Crush.