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Shirley Hammond Multiplier Onion

This is a new Multiplier Onion that Baker Creek Got this year. If you want to try them, good luck, they are out. Anywho, I ordered 1/2 pound. Since my I’itoi onions did well, I didn’t want to over do it. I did order 2 1/2 pounds of I’itoi and found another 1 1/2 pounds

Garlic, Yum!

Its getting that time of year to plant garlic again. I had a very good run of Soft and Hardneck Garlic last year. Why am I starting Garlic a little early? Because the garlic I left in the ground is starting to sprout! I am going to pull the garlic I left to see if

Is your Pepper hot?

Is your hot pepper as hot as the Scoville unit says? I doubt it. We know that Scoville units basically uses taste testers, Professional pepper heads. It’s also been proven that testing in multiple laboratories, Scoville units are only about 50% accurate. There are newer methods but they haven’t been caught on by the pepper