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To Bitter Or Not To Bitter

My bitter melon started coming up! I bought these as it says it regulates Diabetes. Normally when you get some kind of specialty cure, it is on a “Healthy Living” or a  “Holistic” website. If a Science or Science Health website talks about it, they always say, “it may help but not enough studies done”. […]

Dragon’s Tongue (Lóng zhī shé)

I only translated this into Chinese as the Gettle family is trying to try to adopt a couple of cute Chinese children. Might as well learn Chinese now. Anywho. Jessi has been trying to get me to try Dragon’s Tongue beans for a few years now. Between Blue Lake, Cave, Calima and Dragons Tongue, Dragons tongue […]

Mexican Sour Gherkin.

These Cucamelon (Mexican Sour Gherkin) are great. They love warmth and water. We have grown these every year for their abundance and slightly tart taste. You can get them from Baker creek Heirloom Seeds. The first year we trellised them up the front porch. We would grab a handful every time we left and came […]

Gourds, why?

Gourds are a thing we like to do every year. Why? I don’t know. Do we eat them? Nope! Do we use them for something? nope, nope, nope. We do, however, know people will snatch them up as soon as they are ready. Most people do projects with  them after they dry out. We might […]

2017 What Were Planting

This is our Plant growing guide for 2017. Not counting the 5 varieties of Garlic, Onions and strawberries we started last year. No! We do NOT plant every seed. We do not need 25 Cherry tomato plants and 500 paste tomatoes. Also, we can get about “3 seasons” and keep our garden growing all summer […]

Is your Pepper hot?

Is your hot pepper as hot as the Scoville unit says? I doubt it. We know that Scoville units basically uses taste testers, Professional pepper heads. It’s also been proven that testing in multiple laboratories, Scoville units are only about 50% accurate. There are newer methods but they haven’t been caught on by the pepper […]

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