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2017 What Were Planting

This is our Plant growing guide for 2017. Not counting the 5 varieties of Garlic, Onions and strawberries we started last year. No! We do NOT plant every seed. We do not need 25 Cherry tomato plants and 500 paste tomatoes. Also, we can get about “3 seasons” and keep our garden growing all summer […]

OU Physicians, why me?

So I open an envelope and found out OU Physicians blew me in for $16.33 to a creditor who is threatening to sue me, LOL! As you all know I have had issues with these guys before. Their medicines always give me side effects that they either can’t fix or medicare won’t pay for the […]

A Cheat that works

I love Oklahoma and the long growing season. However, sometimes it isn’t long enough or I want something earlier than what it normally grows. I love planting plants. The only issue is they may go into “Shock” for 2 weeks if you disturb the roots. And some plants can be downright suicidal if you try […]

Rodents, Gophers and Moles, Oh My!

Turley is known for rodents, even the four legged kind. Unfortunately if you have Gophers and Moles, your neighbors do to. Many a night I have seen Shari in Hand to Hand combat with these evil little critters that love vegetables to. They can also be hard to get rid of for many reasons. Like […]

Shari and Baker Creek

(True Story, all of it). First I wake up to find out Shari’s sister, Sue, Sent her a package. You can see that video on my Facebook. This is the stuff I wake up to. I managed to lay back down. I get in a comfortable position, ease the pain in my muscles, and start […]

So You Want A Garden Part 1

Gardening can be fun and rewarding. It can also be a pain if you’re not careful. Here is what I have learned. Space. There are 2 ways to look at space. How much space you will need and how much space you actually have. How do you figure this out? Easy! Find a website that […]

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