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Rolling that Beautiful Bean footage.

I set up a science experiment, you saw it. Shari loves it when I do my Mythbusters series at home. But guess what? Our dog ate and drank my experiment. Stupid Dog. The whole purpose was to show why it wasn’t necessary to soak bean seeds. So after the 1st hour, the┬áhypocotyl started showing up […]

Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook

I normally hate cookbooks or googling recipes. If I want fancy food my wife will grab me by the ankles and drag me to a restaurant. I want it easy, quick and tastes good. If I am trying something new, I do not want to have to call NASA for conversion charts. I also want […]

Videos and Honorable Mentions

OK I am going to do a short series of videos on what I am growing. These will be what I have grown, haven’t grown, why I am growing and any tips and tricks. All seeds will be from Baker Creek as that is the only seed company I order from. You can subscribe to […]

Shari, Learning and Gardening

I have new people on my Facebook Friends and as usual I have to clear some things up. My wife has an issue that is funny and sad, so lets get this out in the open. See, If I tell people her issue, they ask me why it matters. If I don’t say anything, they […]

Diabetic Lives Matter

Yeah, this post is about me and how everyone discriminates. See, I’m a Diabetic. Everything in a store isn’t for someone with Diabetes. When I walk past a Bakery I have to run to the bathroom and smell old mens farts to get the smell out of my nose. See, Bakeries set off cravings. If […]

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