Growing a variety.

One thing that I have noticed is the differance in Northern states compared to Southern states. Northern states has a wide variety of foods and the southern states are semi lacking. The North has certain fruits and vegetables they like, the South has certain fruits and vegetables they like. Often, they don’t intermix. Gardening allows

Jalapeno jelly

Got some Jalapeno Jelly from Justin and Donna. We decided to do a taste taste test and let you all know what we think! Yum!

♫Oh Dear Lord!♫

I can not believe it! I really can’t! 4 Years ago I got a package of Short Stuff Sunflowers and grew them. They got about 3 feet high and had gorgeous heads! My way of thinking was I could buy another package next year. That was so stupid as they stopped carrying them! The Short

Welcome and FYI!

We have a few Turlians joining my facebook group which is super awesome. We are all in zone 6B/7 in N.E. Oklahoma. Already cool things have happened. I have met a few people and we have already started trading. This is great as it being a poor community, no one has much, but we always

Blacktail Mountain Watermelon

Not nearly as sweet as the Sugar Babys we grow (Note: Baker Creek now has a cool variety of Sugar baby Bush. Small plants perfect for small gardens) , but truly a remarkable early watermelon. We hate watching watermelons grow as we are very impatient. These grow in about 2 months and are a nice

Minnesota Midget

Dang. A fight almost broke out in the house and I had no way to defend myself. See, a few years ago we stumbled across the Minnesota Midget Melon on Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. We decided to try it as it’s supposed to be a fast producing Cantaloupe type melon, that’s serving size. True to form,

Kiwano The Devil’s Desert.

Yep, growing this again this year as we love them and they have a very long shelf life if treated properly. They are so slowly becoming a desired fruit in the USA (One of these fruits can go between $3.00 and $5.00) . Strangely, these tropical  fruits have appeared on every Star Trek series, Even

Order 10/23

Kiwano – African Horned Cucumber Kyoto Red Carrot Orach, Aurora Mixed Big Boston Lettuce Canary Bell Pepper Chinese 5 Color Pepper Horizon Bell Pepper Crookneck-Early Golden Summer Squash Manganji Sweet Pepper Ajvarski, Sweet Pepper Tequila Sunrise Pepper Pantano Romanesco Tomato Hale’s Best 45 Melon Kajari Melon  

My Day

So we go out and pick a bowl of beans for the Elders down the street. They sure love garden fresh beans and love getting them. As usual I had to holler at Miss Piggy to quit eating all of the beans. I didn’t realize this was the start of my problems. We met Dodie,

Scrumpdillyicious – Tigger – 2018

We started growing these a few years ago. First thing we noticed is when they started to fruit, your whole garden smelled like Cantaloupe. You can smell them 50 yards away! You can easily tell when they ripened by the yellow and orange stripes. Not to mention that they just fall off the vine when

Couple more weird Gardening Methods.

Raised Beds. I will admit, I like raised bed gardening. Kind of pricey to set up but one of the best long term methods for gardening. I use them for crops that I do not want to fail, test crops, Specialty crops and what not. Straw Bail: If you’re rich and love wasting money, this