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Garlic, Why Oh Why?

Shari and I just love eating Garlic, but just not any Garlic. As we get older it gets harder taste food. We need a good, strong, spicy garlic. Store bought garlic just sucks. There is no taste and you have to use a whole bulb to flavor food. We have found some delicious varieties at […]

This year so far

This year so far. I have no clue where half my pictures went but I am not looking! This is just a generalized accounting as I am not counting what weather destroyed or what I messed up or whats going in soon! Hope you enjoy! . . .

Dragon’s Tongue (Lóng zhī shé)

I only translated this into Chinese as the Gettle family is trying to try to adopt a couple of cute Chinese children. Might as well learn Chinese now. Anywho. Jessi has been trying to get me to try Dragon’s Tongue beans for a few years now. Between Blue Lake, Cave, Calima and Dragons Tongue, Dragons tongue […]

(Eye of the tiger)

Spring is here, need a veg with some meat, It is time, Time to get plantin’ In the garden, swept off my feet I’m just a man with a handful of eyes I’m planting deep, I hope they will last I have a passion for telling stories I lost my grip and fell on my […]

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