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Bug and Pest Repellent, Pepper spray.

This is what a friend uses in his garden that helps repel pests and bugs. It seems to work as I no longer have a rat infestation around my house! You do not need a lot of this stuff to work. This is what I use. If it rains, reapplication required; not toxic. Full: 1 […]

Container Gardening #2

John added some tips to my container gardening post, Well worth the tips!   Mike, A good post. I would only add the following: 1) After the initial planting, do not fertilize until the fruit sets; eg the flower pedals have fallen off an there is a little green tomato in its place. 2) If […]

Johns Garden

John kind of has his garden going this year as he has started kind of late. He’s a garlic connoisseur (Italian) so he grows Garlic every year. This is great as if I have a Garlic question, he has the answer. And he can grow garlic, trust me! Now John (Unlike Shari and I) figures […]

Container Garden.

I see people are making a few simple mistakes while working with containers. For a great container garden, here are a few tips. Pick a good sized container that can hold lots of spoil. If your plant becomes root bound, it will stop growing. Make sure your container has a bottom to catch excess water. […]

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